Supporting organisations

Physica Pharma is supported by the following organisations :

National organisations

Ministry of research

Physica Pharma has been awarded twice by the French ministry of research in the frame of a competition for the creation of innovative companies : "Concours national d’aide à la création d’entreprises de technologies innovantes".


Anvar is the French Agency for Innovation. Its Mission is to promote and finance innovation in French industry particularly for SMEs. Physica Pharma has received financial support from Anvar for two of its internal development programs.

Regional organisations

Aquitaine Region

Physica Pharma is located in Pessac, near Bordeaux in the Aquitaine Region which is actively supporting new innovative companies. The company received grants and incentives from the region.

Bordeaux Unitec

Bordeaux Unitec is an association with the objective to support the establishment of new research laboratories, to cause industrial development by the organization of technology transfers, to detect and accompany creation by innovative companies and to facilitate the establishment of R&D units, SME and subsidiary of industrial groups.