Biodis ®
Biodis is a technology designed to facilitate drug penetration through epithelial barriers

Biodis technology uses unique drug delivery carriers from natural origin.

Today, Biodis is used for two main administration routes :

Topical treatments using dermal route
In dermatology, Biodis is used to improve local efficacy of topical drugs. Designed to facilitate the penetration of drugs in the skin, this technology is indicated to improve topical treatments for dermatological diseases such as dermatitis, psoriasis, inflammation, infections or local anesthesia.

Nasal Route for systemic effect :
Biodis Technology facilitates drug absorption of small organic compounds through the nasal mucosa thus permitting a faster onset of action which is particularly useful in some therapeutic areas such as pain management, migraine, and emergency treatments.

Biodis is also adapted to nasal administration of large molecules (peptides, proteins) which normally couldn’t be administered using the oral route because of their degradation in the GI tract. Indeed, the technology is designed to switch from painful injections to nasal route in order to offer more convenient treatments to patients. Hormonal therapies have been explored with this technology while another potential application is mucosal vaccines.